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First time as toilet slave

Full movie length: 33 minutes Production date: Sep 28, 2017 Full movie price: US$ 0.0 Mary Luthay | Saori Kido Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

our first time we never forget and Mary wanna make sure that Saori will never forget that, this humiliation will be unforgettable to Soari. Mary forced Saori lick her sweaty asshole, cleaning the ass before get dirty of scat. Mary give spit and piss to saori swallow them after, the cruel goddess shits on her mouth, rubbing on all slave`s body and mouth, forcing to swallow some scat.


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6866 2017-10-02 06:22:25 UTC

YES! Please make more scat with Saori as the slave!

5227 2017-10-08 00:06:08 UTC

More of Saori as the slave!

avopera5 2017-11-04 19:11:28 UTC

thanks for lesbian scat videos:)

6866 2017-12-08 03:36:55 UTC

I agree!

mahmut1234 2017-12-09 06:34:10 UTC

Saori is a GREAT slave!! Please make more scat videos where she is dominated and disgusted

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